Micimago was born long before he got into music. It was a nickname with which he was called in elementary school and stuck. In his younger days, he was not into music; until he discovered a very basic music-making software. His curiosity led to some experimentation which led to him getting into electronic dance music. When he posted his first track on Soundcloud (which was barely a track at all), the alias “Micimago” was used.

Fast forward a few years, and the Micimago sound is developed into something of good character. His creations are a fusion of house, groove and futuristic house which is a reflection of what he plays in his sets. His productions gained proper recognition when he released his single “So Free” which was accompanied by a summery video by fellow Malteser Nick Bugeja. This ranked 27,000 views on his facebook page. This was followed by a more housey track “Can You See” and “My Soul” which is more energetic and is more fit for the peak hour.

Apart from his original productions, he is also known for some remixes which he did for other artists. A breakthrough moment was when he did a bootleg for Ira Losco’s “Walk On Water” which ranked 21,000 views on his Youtube Channel. He also did two remixes for AYTO - "To the Whistle" and "No Ordinary Love".

His gig schedule is very busy. Gigs go from one-off events during the winter around Malta and Gozo, to his summer residency at Uno Malta with the Sound Salon crew every Friday. His sets can vary depending on the time, crowd and venue, but two ingredients that can be found in all his sets are: Good Vibes & Positive Energy.

Make sure to keep an eye out for this guy because he is going places.